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With competitive contact rugby not possible till January at the earliest, we have decided to start a fortnightly non-contact competition to give players some competitive sport whilst trying to maintain player engagement and motivation during a long winter.

The Basics

  • Every other Thursday, starting on the 8th October, six teams will play two 24 minute games (2x 12 minute halves) each of non-contact rugby.
  • Teams will be made up of 9-10 players, depending on turn-out on the night.
  • The teams will be picked via a NFL-style draft, with managers (coaches) having to select i) 6 forwards and 4 backs; and ii) four 1st XV, four 2nd XV and two SDS players (see player roster below)
  • Each team will play each other twice, with the top two teams playing a in a final to decide the inaugural winner.

The Rules

  • Two-handed touch on or below the waist
  • When touched, the ball carrier has to go to ground to present the ball on the floor (NOT THROUGH THE LEGS, NOT POPPING OFF THE FLOOR AND NO ROLLING), whilst defence has to drop off by one meter.
  • After making a touch, the defender has to drop to the floor on his front until the ball is played. He is allowed to touch the scrum-half if he is back on his feet.
  • Scrum-half (whoever takes the ball from the breakdown) cannot score.
  • If you are touched in the act of burrowing over from short range, it counts as a touch and the try is not given.
  • The attacking team will have 10 phases to attack, after which the ball is turned over (referees will call 'Touch 1, Touch 2, and so on)
  • Any penalties result in a tap restart for the offended team with the penalised team having to drop 5 meters, and a new set of 10 phases.
  • If you are touched in the act of passing, that is treated as a touch and play restarts where the touch was made.
  • Three kicks are allowed per attacking set, these do not include fly-hacks.
  • If the ball crosses the touchline, the ball is turned over and play is re-started with a tap two meters from the touchline, with the opposition five meters back.
  • If the ball is kicked dead, the ball is turned over and play is re-started with a tap 20 meters from the defending try-line.
  • Games are started with a tap on half-way (captains toss to decide who starts), with the oppostion 10 yards back.
  • There will be no half-time, just 25 minutes one way.
  • A try scored by a front five player is worth two points, whereas a try scored by a back or back-row is worth 1 point.
  • After a try, play is restarted by the team that has just conceded with a tap on the half-way line, with the opposition ten yards back.
  • Players will incur 2 minute sin-bins if they are found guilty of excessive contact, backchat to the referee, persistent stealing of yards after contact or for two knock-ons in one game.
  • We have a number of qualified referees from within the club and external to officiate the games.


Ultimately we want everyone to have fun throughout the tournament, so don’t take it too seriously. One thing we do ask is for a decent level of commitment, if you can’t commit to most matchdays, let us knows and we can include you as an occasional.

The Teams

Here are the teams. Note the team colours, please bring a top in your teams colour.


Fantasy Rugby

To make things a bit more interesting, we'll also be running a mini Fantasy Rugby competition based onthe Thursday League. Click into the below entry form to see the rules and players.

Entry is £2 a team, then £1 for any transfers you'd like to make during the competition.

Send your teams to Ralph at 

Fantasy Rugby Competition Entry Form