Fri 31 Jul 2020 16:41

Thoughout the season we will be running training leagues to help encouage training attendance, with players rewarded for their committment.

Pre-Season Trainign League

The pre-season training league will be based on the training groups set up at the start of July, with the group with the highest % of sessions attended winning £25 of vouchers from our sponsor the Old Post Office and a pair of playing socks for each player.

Latest Standings (week 5)

The Teams

Group A : Jackson, Jodi, Rico, Adam, Tom Smith, Ben Warren

Group B : Sam, Tom Cerullo, Andy, James, Ryan, Daragh, Alex

Group C : James, Josh, Carl, Callum, Ryan Wenban, Teran, Colton

Group D : Ed Searle, Jack Payne, Nelly, Laney, Tony, Al

Group E : Conner, Lawson, Guy, Henry W, Mikey

Group F : Max, John, Holton, George, Murray, Ryan, Christian

Group J : Chris Jenkins, Hilly, Bungle, George, Poulding, Ed Jenkins, Brett, Dan W

Group K : Ian, Ralph, Swaino, Nathan, Rhys, Olli

Group L : Phil D, Archie, Ridley, Baxter, Matt G, Billy

Individual Standings